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"We all want our homes to be that 'special place'. The place where we raise our children, entertain our friends and family, a place where we nurture our souls...a refuge from the world; and shouldn't that place, your home, be the best place on earth". For over 17 years we have been dedicated to creating luxury custom homes for luxurious lifestyles, craftsmanship, artistry, and attention to detail. Enjoy coming home every day where your Luxury Lifestyle starts with an abundance of luxury amenities and comfort. Alex Custom Homes will create for you, a home in which you can call...“your Castle!" It is time to fulfill your dream of having your own custom built luxury home. Alex Custom Homes will provide you with the necessary tools in order to see your custom home completed with those special qualities you can call your own. We give you many options in floor plans, special amenities and extraordinary additions.

Alex Custom Homes believes in top quality custom built luxury homes that serve as a special retreat you can call home. Many of the amenities you can choose from, include our state of the art computer system called “Smart House Technology”, spa inspired bathrooms and gourmet style kitchens. Our luxury home designers will help you design a custom luxury floor plan that will work for your family and lifestyle as well as compliment any special additions you have in your home.

Alex Custom Homes knows the importance of your custom luxury home dreams and assures that you have chosen a professional luxury home builder that produces quality and expertise when designing and building your luxury home.

Luxury Home Designs and Luxury Lifestyle

Alex Custom Homes, LLC provides you with many exclusive luxury home styles which will fit to your lifestyle. These styles range from classical to modern and are designed to fit each of our clients specifically, considering their own personal style. We feel each of these specially chosen design themes give that extra bit of class every luxury home owner wants. Please feel free to browse our multiple home design types and plans. If you can’t quite find what you are looking for we would be happy to sit down with you and draw up your own luxury custom plans. Alex Custom Homes offers a large portfolio of house designs and luxury home plans for the most discriminatory homebuyers which like to build from modest homes to starter castles. Our homes provide all the elegance and design details for a luxury lifestyle. Our professional design specialists will help you decide which home is most appealing to your family and lifestyle. We offer house designs in a wide range of styles and sizes. Some of our more popular house designs include European-inspired Georgian and Palladian homes, English Manor house plans, Tuscan-style Italian villas and French chateaux. From there color, floor plans and amenities can be decided upon. Your satisfaction is most important in the custom luxury home design process. Our starter castles and estate homes are designed in the grand tradition of some of the most impressive homes in the world. What sets Alex's Custom Homes house designs apart from all others is that each house design and built, no matter the style or size, is based on the principles and proportions of the world's classic residences. Company founders Max and Anisa Kimmig intensively studied the great manor houses, chateaux and estate homes of Europe and the world, and artfully extracted the essential elements of design and proportion that made these homes great. They then adapted them for modern uses, while still retaining all their classical elements. Alex Custom Homes luxury house are known for their creative use of space, their open living spaces, their ideal balance between rooms, and between interior and exterior spaces, and their superb functionality. Regardless of house size or style, this artful blend of classical architecture, unwavering attention to design details and exquisite use of space are the hallmarks of Alex Custom Homes enduring house designs, which never go out of style. Alex Custom Homes will provide all the tools necessary for you to come to a final decision on your custom luxury home that will best compliment you as an individual.

Creating Exceptional Additions

Alex Custom Homes knows the importance of keeping your luxury home current and functional. Creating additions to your home not only allows for more space and functionality it increases your home’s value. Our luxury home designers can help you design a room that fits your needs and creates a flow from room to room. Our designers have the ability of adding more closet space, wall storage and improve your homes floor plan.

When you feel your home has lost its modern appeal our designers can help you make simple changes to improve your home aesthetically. Our designers will listen to your wishes and suggest additional ideas in order to create a very up to date look and feel. You will also have the ability in adding special amenities that were not available when your home was first built.

Let Alex Custom Homes Help Make Your Dream Home a Reality!
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