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Do I Really Want To Pay To Have A Home Inspection? You Bet.....

How will a home inspection benefit me?

The purchase of a home is the single most costly investment most people make, and you want to know what you are getting for your hard earned money. Inspections are a great way for home buyers to assure themselves that the home they are buying is in good condition.
A real estate agent will not determine the condition of the property. It is your responsibility, as a buyer, to ascertain the condition of the property.  A licensed, professional inspector is best qualified to make an unbiased and objective evaluation of the functionality of each item or if it is in need of repair. The seller is not required to repair any items, but in the event he/she chooses not to, then the buyer may terminate.

What will the inspection cover?
An inspection will usually cover, at a minimum, those items specifically mentioned on the offer to purchase and contract. However, the inspector will not limit himself to those items.
An inspection typically will include all structural items, mechanical and electrical systems and appliances, as well as checking for water penetration.
Termites, gas line, swimming pool/spa, sprinkler systems, septic systems and environmental inspections are usually additional investigations, and these additional services may or may not be offered by a particular inspector.
Cosmetic items are usually not noted because they are not included in your contract. The seller may have agreed in the contract to repair only those items listed up to a certain dollar amount.

What should you look for in selecting an inspector?
At a minimum, expect an inspector to be licensed or certified. Sometimes membership in a home inspectors’ association will ensure the inspector has committed himself to a certain code of ethics and policies. 
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